Sunny Corner Pollinator Garden - 34 Plants!


With this pre-planned perennial garden, it's easy to provide support for your local pollinators for years to come!  All season long, your garden will  feed and support birds, butterflies, and other essential pollinators with this well-designed perennial garden. 

This versitile plan can be planted in the corner of the yard or on an island.  The plan ensures that taller plants go in back and shorter plants in front of the garden for a magnificent view!  Full sun required for this garden. (6-8 hours of sunlight per day)


34 plants included in this garden along with detailed planting & care instructions!  Bought individually, this selection would cost twice as much or more at the garden center.  Plants come in "landscape ready" large, deep root plug trays that can be planted right in the ground, making it less expensive to ship and easier for you to plant your garden!


(Depending on availability, we reserve the right to substitute plants in this plan.  Rest assured, we will ensure that the substituted plant will be very similar to the plant on the original plan)

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