Gardening is therapy

October 17, 2017


 You know who you are.  You love growing things.  Flowers, herbs, perennials, annuals, vegetables, houseplants.  We do it because we know the secret.  Gardening is therapy.  It's a time when you can dig your hands deep into the dirt, tend to another living thing, and watch it grow and thrive.   You do this with the hope that the plant will provide sustenance for your family or pleasure to the senses to all who encounter it....or you may be the sole benefactor and that's good enough. 


Gardens and the act of gardening  has been proven to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety and aid in healing process.  You will find "healing gardens" at hospitals and other places where people and families are recovering from things that ail them.   You will find gardens and small farms in urban communities bringing all kinds of people together and teaching inner-city kids about the natural world and where our food comes from.  And you will find high profile people with high-stress jobs who retreat to their gardens on the weekends to relax and recharge.


Gardens are a place to be quiet, to take in the beauty of nature, to find refuge, to work hard and get your hands dirty, to gain perspective on your place in the larger, natural world around us and to heal.   At Bayberry Farm & Flower Co., we revel in the fact that the plants we grow and sell to you provide food for your family, they delight the senses, they provide support for our native pollinators, and often times, a much needed respite from the "real world".  Come visit our gardens to get inspiration for your own personal retreat!




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